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Summertime Specials at Steele Hair Gallery

Summer Is Almost Here, So Get Ready!!

Ok, so we realize that we're just a little early- Summer isn't quite here yet, but this is Florida, so we have to get ready sooner than most!!

Environmental Factors on Hair

Your hair needs to be protected from far more than your daily styling routine and intermittent chemical treatments like coloring. UV light from the sun can decrease your hair’s strength and rob it of moisture. Pollution and dirt take a toll on your blowout. Here are a few environmental factors that could be harming your beautiful tresses.

  • While vitamin deficiencies or malnutrition do not directly affect hair cuticles, it can make hair vulnerable to factors that can damage the cuticle.

  • The results of the study showed that cracks appear when the hair cuticles undergo a drastic reduction in water hydration status.

  • Some strong shampoos not only strip the hair of its natural oils but also injure the cuticle by tearing up the overlapping scales.

  • Any amount of heat on your hair can cause damage by lifting the overlapping scales where water and other substances can enter.

  • Damaged hair cuticles can cause split ends and give your hair a rough look. Heat may also remove pieces of cuticle, causing a porous surface that weakens hair.

  • Mild shampoos are gentler on hair cuticles, and not everyone must shampoo their hair every day.

  • Routine use of ponytail holders, combs, and clips can eventually wear away the hair cuticle. Even touching your hair too much by brushing or finger twirling, will harm the cuticle as well.

  • Chlorine found in swimming pools and the salt found in the ocean can damage your hair cuticles as well.

The best method of treatment for damaged hair cuticles is to avoid the causes. Fortunately, treatments for getting your hair back to a healthy status do exist. 1. Trimming your hair on a regular basis won’t prevent the damage, but it will stop it from getting worse.

2. A healthful diet and adequate water intake are essential for healthy hair.

3. Use a conditioner in place of, as well as in conjunction with, your shampoo to help keep your hair strong, clean and moisturized.

4. Consider in salon conditioning treatments to help prevent your hair from breaking and splitting.

June Specials

This month, we're getting your hair beach ready!! Receive a customized deep conditioning treatment FREE with any Partial Highlight, Full Highlight, or Balayage service throughout the month of June. Mention SUMMER HIGHLIGHTS to redeem this offer.

If you missed our Makeup Class last month, we had a great time. We'll schedule another in the future, but in June only, we're extending our offer of $20 one-on-on makeup lessons. Limited availability for this great deal. (Regular price $65-book now!!)

If you haven't downloaded our Mobile App yet, you're missing out on some great specials!! Search Steele Hair Gallery in your App Store or Google Play store. As always, we thank you for supporting our small local business, and look forward to seeing you soon!

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