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At Steele Hair Gallery, we believe your hair is our canvas, and we LOVE to paint!  We are proud to use Color Design Hair Color, which not only delivers beautiful hues that are sure to stop traffic, but also contains Ceramide A2, which actually treats the hair as the color is processing, resulting in hair that is actually healthier after the chemical service.  Our custom blended colors will complement your skin tone, and our placement will deliver your desired result, whether that may be a subtle, natural effect, or a bold, in-your-face effect.  All painting services are a la carte and priced according to product used, which may vary depending on length, density, and porosity of the hair.  For a more accurate pricing estimate, please schedule a complimentary consultation.

Demi-permanent Color

$50 and up

Permanent Color

$65 and up

Single Foil Highlights (up to 10 foils)

$6 per foil

Partial Highlight (11-50 foils)

$65 and up

Full Highlight (51+ foils)

$85 and up

Balayage and Ombre

$95 and up

Color Transformation

Pricing available at consultation

Additional Color Application

$20 and up

Men's Color (Gray Blending)

$25 and up

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